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At Lakeshore Dental’s brand new facility, you can expect to receive the following services

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Cosmetic Dentistry


We can build confidence in your smile by offering a host of cosmetic procedures. This includes Dentures & Repairs, Implants, Veneers, Crowns, and Bridges.


White Fillings


Opposed to the silver amalgam fillings, white fillings are mercury free. White Fillings also have more of an aesthetic appeal since it matches the natural colour of teeth, making the filling more inconspicuous.


Root Canals


A root canal is necessary to save a tooth that has become infected. We remove the pulp and nerves inside the tooth and fill it in.


Major & Minor Surgery


We will inspect your oral health and notify you if surgery is required. Nitrous Oxide(laughing gas) is available for certain patients and procedures


Wisdom Teeth Extractions


In some mouths, wisdom teeth can cause severe overcrowding which can lead to further problems. We can remove your wisdom teeth with no referral necessary.


Gum Therapy


Gums are a great indicator to determine your oral health. Gum therapy treats periodontal disease – often associated with bleeding gums and bad breath


Digital X-Rays


This is the modern, more efficient way to take dental x-rays which reduces levels of exposure. The x-ray is digitally converted to the screen within seconds, opposed to traditional x-rays which take up to 5-10 minutes to develop. This allows us to zoom in to view the x-ray better and show you exactly what we are seeing.


Implant Supported Complete Dentures


It can make your removable denture as retentive as a fixed bridge therefore providing you with unlimited options of food choices and preventing dislodgement of your dentures.




Lakeshore Dental offers direct billing from most insurance companies to make it easier for you!


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